ProBUDDY (Project Buddy)

Why do we need ProBUDDY?

Engineers, Makers, Hobbyists, Students..  There are lots of Breadboards, Arduinos, Raspberry Pi's connected with lots of cables and things on our projects..  Working on them, Storing or Carrying these projects between home and school, or lab and office or even "from one R&D desk to another" can be messy.. 

Quickly build, move, store and switch between projects.

Floating hardware of your projects on your desk gives you nothing but stress. Now with ProBUDDY you can build sturdy hardware for your projects, work on them, store, move or switch between them quickly and easily!

Launching a Kickstarter campaign soon (January 2022)!

Help us bring this project to life and be stress-free and more productive in 2022!

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Social Distancer Kit

Potato Booster Kit