Everything you need for neater and more professional projects

ProBUDDY Kits is an environment of clever tools and unique electronics that are the solution to desk-mess during prototyping.

We have the ProBUDDY’s, Holders, Baseplates, 3rd Hands, ProBUDDY Racks, Table Stands, Project Stands.. and more to make your projects neater, more portable and professional.

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Our team has been working on Electronic R&D Projects for around 20 years, and throughout this time, we’ve dealt with inadequate workspaces, challenges of dealing with floating hardware, as well as dismantling glued projects.

Currently, we know that millions of students, makers, and engineers, in every school,  from the smallest startups to  the largest technology companies, face the same problems worldwide. That’s why we developed the ProBUDDY Kit for all of us!

Take your prototyping to the next level !

  • ProBUDDY Kits was created by Makers for Makers.
  • You can turn each surface in your lab (walls, desk-fronts..etc) into a Project Desk
  • Let your projects be neater & more professional
  • Reduce stress
  • Super versatile with Free 3D Printables Library, add and mount anything to your projects.
  • Trusted By Major Companies Worldwide
  • Tidier Projects, Higher Efficiency & Fewer Errors
  • Super-Portable and Well-protected Prototypes
  • 10x Boost your R&D Capacity
  • Professional and Larger Base Plates and Kits for Your Company – Scale Projects
  • Your Company Logo will be printed on your Base Plates.
  • Motivational characters and your School logo on the Base Plates, students will enjoy working on their Projects
  • Securely store each projects of each Students in Labs & Classes, they will continue working effortlessly
  • They will be able to bring their projects in an easy and well-protected way from School to Home

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Happy Fathers Day!

Our Fathers are our true Heroes. Call them now and tell them that you love them, go and hug them if you can. Happy Fathers Day everybody!

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Our PITU’s are on EEVBLOG

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Product showcase videos are being prepared

We’re thrilled to announce that we have taken a major leap forward in showcasing our products. Yesterday, we embarked on an exciting video shoot to capture the essence of our creations. Stay tuned as we’re starting to roll out captivating product introduction videos on our website, offering an immersive experience

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