We create for you

With our extensive experience and expertise, we will provide you low cost, safe and reliable engineering solutions for your mass-produced products.

  • Tech-Product design, from idea to packaging
  • Electronics hardware (embedded systems) design, prototyping, validation
  • Software design, debugging, integration
  • Cable harness design, integration
  • Mechanical structure design, manufacturing

Success stories of our clients

We will provide you with the highest performance/cost solutions. Here you can read about some success stories of our current clients.

  • For one of our clients, we designed, prototyped and manufactured a fail-safe industrial control electronics with 1/10 the cost of the nearest competitor. That cost reduction (while providing more functionality and the highest reliability) provided a huge marketing advantage to our client.

Our products

We do have our products as well. Our main purpose is to create advanced Robotics solutions for the Humanity.

  • ProBUDDY Kits is our first product and we've successfully launched a Kickstarter Campaign with it. Now we are manufacturing it and first deliveries will start on August 2022.

Current Clients

What did they say

"Sunday Robotics (Sunday Muhendislik) was the most reliable partner in our R&D project. They understood the problem and were very fast to deliver the solution."

Suleyman Geyik, GENMACS

"Sunday Robotics Team created a complete solution for us, electronics and mechanics-wise. The end result was a real success."


"The highest value/cost ratio of service we've ever taken"


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