A Dynamic, Creative and Versatile Start-Up founded in a 20m2 Office

SUNDAY ROBOTICS is a dynamic, creative and versatile start-up founded in late 2021 by an electrical & electronics engineer who has a dream of creating things that are majestic and revolutionary. A bunch of young engineers from different countries is now working with great harmony to provide engineering services, to create robots, sub-systems, and helpful tools.

  • To provide creative and innovative engineering services
  • To create Robots and AI that can really change our lives, so that we can witness some more majestic developments.
  • Share the tools that we created with all others, help others to create as well.

We are about to create Robots and AI that can really change our lives

SUNDAY ROBOTICS has 2 main goals;
  1. Short & Medium Term Goals: Provide creative and innovative engineering services, create helpful tools, electronics, and projects. We will provide value for creative people and provide funds to gather a great team to create larger projects.
  2. Medium & Long Term Goals: Create Robots for humanity. Share our resources and help others to achieve more.

Currently we are;

  • Developing robotic sub-systems and know-how.
  • Providing R&D and Engineering services for our clients.
  • Designing and prototyping products (ProBUDDY Kits) and more
  • Designing our Robots and other products (SUNDAY ONE, SUNDAY MOTO, SUNDAY VOICE) and preparing for the long run.