Our Mission:

Our mission is to create robots and artificial intelligence-supported systems for rapidly creating advanced, technologicaly-awesome solutions, while also making it easier for anyone interested in working in this field.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become a robotics design and manufacturing center that brings together the brightest minds worldwide, with the goal of becoming the largest robotics company in the world as soon as possible.

We’r Good At:

Result-oriented creativity is our strong suit. We can develop high value/cost and appealing solutions and manufacture them with quality, then also market them again creatively.

We are an innovative brand and support innovative manufacturing techniques, which we successfully utilize. We produce nearly all of our plastic components using our daily 1000+ capacity 3D printer fleet. By combining the 3D printed parts we design with conventional components, we can create captivating and functional products.

Furthermore, we are one of the brands that can make the best use of T-slot aluminum profiles and create creative products with them.


The reason for our brand’s existence is to be able to conduct advanced robotic and artificial intelligence research.

Currently, in order to secure funding for our startup, we are producing and selling products at a feasible level. However, in the background, we are working on various robotic technologies

R.A.L (Robot Actuator Language) is one of them which is a digital communication protocol between Robot Bodies and Actuators.

LARA is the common name for our upcoming Robot family.

Join Us!

Would you like to involve in the creation of the best robotics and AI no matter where you are right now?

Sunday Robotics offers great active & passive income options for the brightest minds all over the world.

Just send an email to info@sundayrobotics.com with your CV and the cover letter explaining your enthusiasm towards our mission and vision.

Sunday Robotics is the place for you. Let’s create and have a beautiful life together.