ProBUDDY Kits: A Project Approved by Professionals!

After many prototypes, ProBUDDY Kits become proper products and were sent abroad to professionals all over the world. All the comments were good! We are so glad!

Gareth Perfectly explained ProBUDDY Kits in

Gareth Halfacree is an awesome writer and supported us by writing an amazing article in He explained The ProBUDDY Kits, the advantages they bring and our Kickstarter Campaign (Even better than us:) Click here or the image below to read the article.


All the info, videos, GIF's and everything is in Kickstarter Campaign Page now! PleaseĀ  Click here or the image below to take a visit there. We'll be glad if you like our product and support us.

Evolving Always!

We are continuously upgrading ProBUDDY Kits items, and adding new members like ProBUDDY Probes (Elevator Probes) and ProBUDDY Power Stations. ProBUDDY Kits is already a big family and right after our Kickstarter Campaign they will all be in domain.

Thank you for your support!